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The Gymer Method

Are you sick of trying new diets, slimming clubs, the next celebrity endorsed fad?

Are you confused because there is so much conflicting information out there?

Do you need a real life plan for real life people –  then you’re in the right place!!

Stop all the guess work and messing about….

NOW is the right time for you to take 100% responsibility

for your life and gain control of your health and happiness.  


What is The Gymer Method??

The Gymer Method is a concept put together over the last few years by our founder Lynz Gymer.    

It is a 12 week plan where we work on 5 key areas of your life – once you can take 100% responsibility for these areas, you can quite literally achieve anything you set your mind to.

Here you will find advice on all five key areas which include:






Whatever your goals we will work with you using a variety of methods to ENSURE you achieve them – what makes us super special is that we work on YOU with regards to your mindset and work 1-2-1 on your goals.

Lynz Gymer

Our founder, Lynz Gymer is a fully qualified Master Trainer, and Master Life Coach.

She has over 12 years’ experience in the health and fitness industry where she has been working with clients and developing a system that looks at more than just diet and exercise.

She gave up a place at medical school to follow her passion of promoting a happy and healthy lifestyle and helping as many people as possible to realise and achieve their goals.

She is a wife and mummy, and also manages a multi-million pound fitness facility, has her own health and wellness business, and works with clients one to one all over the world.

She is about keeping things simple, achievable …… and real!


Key Concepts and Vision

The Gymer Method is being brought to YOU as a way of helping you to achieve your health, life and happiness goals. We are only here once, why not make the absolute best of it??

The Gymer Method vision is to quite literally change the lives of EVERYONE who works with us. So far, not only we have changed peoples bodies, careers, and lifesyles, we have helped people live a life they had previously never imagined they could ….. now that’s some statement!

Our Services

One-off diet plans – £60.00

After a full, free consultation you will be sent a personalised diet plan that is goal specific to you and your body and lifestyle.

One-off training plans – £60.00

After a full, free consultation you will be sent a personalised workout/exercise plan that can be done at home or in your local gym. It will be fully tailored to your body, your abilities and your goals

One-off diet and training plan – £100.00

Combining the above plans at a discount

One-month Master Plan – £199.00

This is the plan for those wanting to overhaul their lives and their health.

Working personally with me 1-2-1 via facetime or zoom, I will take you through the 5 steps that The Gymer Method is centred around. We will work on all areas from nutrition, fitness, relationships, mindset and finances/career.

This is a taster plan for those wanting to go on to the full 12-week Ultimate Master Plan – which will quite literally change your health and your life.

10px12-week Ultimate Master Plan – £599.00

For a limited time, this Ultimate Total Transformation Package is being made available at a discounted price.

People who have already completed this plan have completely transformed their lives, their health, their bodies, their medical state, and their happiness.

A totally unique programme that guarantees success, The Gymer Method sees you work 1-2-1 with our Founder to ensure you achieve your goals.

For only £9.99 a month you get unlimited access to 24/7 support, live Q&A sessions with our Founder and CEO, weekly training plans, diet advice, videos, and behaviour modification techniques to guarantee success.

To register and gain access to all the information you will ever need to achieve your health and fitness goals.


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